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Blog and discussions

Our MAER-Net Blog seeks to stimulate discussions about method and insights learned through experience among meta-analysts in economics, business, and the social sciences. We invite all researchers to contribute to this blog by sharing their thoughts about challenges of meta-analysis, recent advances in meta-analysis, or what has been learned thorough recent meta-analysis applications.

We also invite our members to post short summaries of their current research for purposes of discussion. Tomas Havranek and his coauthors have graciously offered to share their paper on the Cobb-Douglas aggregate production function and the advisability of using this simplification. Comments are welcome.

Write a new post or participate in ongoing discussions by adding comments. Every contribution helps to make progress.

All visitors can see existing blogs posts. To comment or to create a new blog post, please use the sign-in/register button and create a new member account. For a quick technical introduction to the blog and its functionalities, please read the post “MAER-Net Blog - Introduction”.

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