MAER-Net Colloquium 2021 (Athens, Greece)

The 2021 MAER-Net Colloquium will be held at University of Piraeus, Athens’ port city, assuming continued good news about vaccines and their wide distribution.

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Event details


We are pleased to announce that the 2021 MAER-Net Colloquium will be held at University of Piraeus Oct. 22-23, hosted by Professor Michael Chletsos. Piraeus is both the ancient and the modern port of Athens. Think the Battle of Salamis and Xerxes on his golden throne; think the modern gateway to all of those enchanted Greek islands.  We are very grateful to Professor Michael Chletsos and the University of Piraeus for their support of research in these uncertain times. 

Important Information

  • Conference will be held Friday 22 October - Saturday 23 October, 2021

  • Location: the University of Piraeus, Greece.

  • More details will be posted later.  However, long abstracts for proposed presentations will be due July 15, 2021.

  • We look forward to seeing old friends and making new ones in 2021.


Call for papers

We encourage submissions of new papers, works in progress, tools under development, and especially research by PhD students.  Published papers are also acceptable if they have not been presented at MAER-Net previously. 

Abstracts may be up to four pages long to document the completion of your meta-analysis. Send them to Tom Stanley:  ( or We look forward to receiving your proposals and to seeing you in University of Piraeus.  



More information will be available in June of 2021.



More information will be available in June.